The Gay Masseur...well probably at least the most famous gay masseur in the world. Gay massage in London by gay masseur Lajos aka Louis szikora. He’s trouble ;0) Educated, naughtly, irrespressible, irreverent, only puts his clothes on to pop out for milk and tea, but tricky fingers that find their way around a man’s body faster than a randy gay photographer doing a full nude expose of Brad Pitt. He massaged the shocking gay Saudi prince just 3 days before the awful deed was done, he massages straight guys, bi guys, bi curious guys. All conclude: This massage is amazing even if you prefer women. “Better than sex!” They say...  Lajos just knows how to please a man an work his pressure points to great effect.  Just don’t call out “God! God!” at the end of your massage. He is just a mere mortal in touch with your spiritual dimension :) Lajos is a male masseur, a gay male of course. He only massages men and is very discreet. His studio is mundane from outside..but be prepared for a pleasant surprise once inside this Aladdin’s Cave...warm and hygienic and slightly theatrically decorated. He likes to massage in shockingly hot oil with lemongrass or bergamot. His skin is smooth, his smile is reassuring. He lulls you into a sense of calm and normality before gearing up his audacious moves gyrating his groin around your body and using his fleshly parts with dexterity. Elbows, feet, chin, buttocks, penis...any utensil at his disposal is artfully employed to tease and bring you to a delightful least once if not 2 or 3 times. His piece de resistance is his Lajos Bronco Combination massage..a signature gay massage .. .just what the Saudi Prince ordered! Finished with a tour de force of a prostate massage in 69, vertical and horizontal yogic positions which your writer cannot quite describe in suggest you watch at least on for Lajos’ gay massage videos on or . Well you can’t say you were n’t warned!  ( Anonymoustache ) The Gay Masseur
Natalie Chua singing ‘Mama’ I adore this :)